Hotelier from a Village called “JAL”

Hotelier from a Village called “JAL”

As a kid I used to go to this ridge bang on top of my village JAL as in water. Just lay around look at the sky, play around trees and spend my whole day in midst of jungle with some breathtaking views of the southern valley spreading as far your eye can see.
My grandma and another lady of her age who was our neighbour used to literally tease me for my liking of the ridge and a cliff alongside that they would often say that you should make a house for yourself at that very place.
I think that was the seedling of an idea which eventually turned out to be Tethys.

This I am talking of eighties when I was studying in a missionary school at kotgarh. Though it wasn’t very far away but still may be lack of transportation in those days and a thought of better education and discipline, my father thought it appropriate to send us (me and my elder) to experience hostel life.
I don’t no why but my favourite game in my early school days used to be running a restaurant. One good reason I find for that inclination may be a visit with a family to a restaurant in Shimla and loving that experience to the core and then liking it as a game..

After my schooling one thing which I was very sure about was that I am not a guy made for theory which once again was proved when I decided to go ahead with my mountaineering courses.

I did my basic and advance course with flying colours as their was no theory involved but then once I got enrolled for my instructor course I came to know that we have to go through theory classes as well and eventually we will be judged for theory along with our practical activities in field (high altitude himalaya).
As it was to happen I got below average in theory whereas above average in practicals.

Now I had no doubt about myself that where actually I stand in life.

Theory thereafter was a big no in life and I opted all the way for practicality.

This has given me a perspective on another fact of life that if I opt for practical life and ignore theory than I have to just follow my passion in that case one more thing became quite clear that I have to be my own boss.

I think I have already reasoned myself enough for that.

As I always wanted to love that good life which I new I just can’t afford otherwise So I did the next best thing to make it as a profession….
Hence became a hotelier……

It wasn’t that easy though………..

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