17TH June to 1st July

  • Day-01

    We await your arrival at Dalhousie: The Little Switzerland of India. Followed by briefing and check in, Bon fire with a choice of Bar-b-Q followed by Dinner.

  • Day-02

    Drive to Chamba Camp . Post breakfast pre departure briefing . Today we drive further into Chamba the valley of milk and honey and is known for its streams, meadows, temples, paintings, rumal ( handkerchief ) and lakes. Chamba has few rivals for its scenic beauty. Chamba is located in a picturesque valley, amidst the Shivalik ranges . BonFire and delicious food awaits your arrival at Camp Chamba...

  • Day-03

    )Chamba-Sach Pass: Post Breakfast today we drive to Sach Pass rightly said to be the the big daddy of all mountain passes. The journey to Sach Pass is something that cannot be put into words, something that cannot be recalled to live it again, something that will go down as the most unforgettable experience of your lifetime, something that one can barely realize to have made it through…. Overnight at the camping ground

  • Day-04

    Sach Pass-Udaipur: Today we set off early into one of the most strenuous drive of our itinerary. The day is the test of your driving skills, passing through various beautiful villages of Pangi Valley, witnessing loads of waterfalls and water crossings. Evening as usual

  • Day-05

    Udaipur-Patsio :Post breakfast we dive futher into Lahaul to reach the virgin land of Patsio. Patsio has some of the Majestic landscapes which you will never forget and many people can’t boast of camping and conquering it. BonFire and delicious food awaits your arrival at the Camp...

  • Day-06

    Patsio-Tso Kar: Post sumptuous breakfast we drive further into the nomadic land of Ladhakh and camp at “White Lake” known as Tso kar. The views at Tso Kar, just as breathtaking as they are during the day, can be even more exciting during the night, with the mountains around shining in the glow of moonlight.

  • Day-07

    Further in and around the Fantasy Land : Today we take you into the fantasy land of endless sea of mountains. The hills and mountains around Tso Kar are also home to ibex, snow foxes and snow leopards, who knows you may encounter one. Surrounded by hills and mountains on all sides, the lake itself gives a wonderful scenic and amazing view. Overnight at vast camping grounds at Tso kar.

  • Day-08

    Tso-Kar to Patsio: Today we head back to Patsio, our mid-way halt to Manali. You will have ample time today at your disposal to share the photographs clicked and you driving experience to the Land of Gods. Evening as usual.

  • Day-09

    Patsio - Kunzum Pass :Post breakfast from the foot of Baralancha at Patsio we drive to the Gateway of Lahaul & Spiti Valley through Kuzum Pass. Kunzum Pass is India’s highest motorable mountain pass. Lavish Dinner awaits your arrival at the camp.

  • Day-10

    ) Kunzum-Spiti :Today we take you into the fantasy land of stunning snow-capped meadows, breathtaking towering peaks, beautiful scenery and Gompas. Overnight at vast camping grounds preferably along Spiti River.

  • Day-11

    Spiti- Kinnaur : Driving through the leaping greenly spirits of trees under blue dreamy sky and everything which is natural, which is infinite we reach our encampment at Kinnaur. BonFire and delicious food awaits your arrival at Camp

  • Day-12

    Kinnaur-Darran : Today we set off for the most strenuous drive of our itinerary. The day is the test of your driving skills on stone laden roads with many steep climbs. But all this is worth the mesmerizing view in stored of Hatu Peak on one side and The Great Himalayas on the other . Evening as usual

  • Day-13

    Darran Valley-Chanshal-Pabbar: Post Breakfast today we drive further into breathtakingly beautiful Chanshal. Rising above the Pabbar valley, Chanshal resembles a resplendent crown. The world below appears like a painting of streams and brooks laden landscape that runs amuck into forest lands. Overnight at camping ground at Pabbar.

  • Day-14

    Chanshal - Narkanda.: Post breakfast we drive into Himalayan countryside through Apple orchards ,majestic mountains, splashing streams, natural beauty of shimmering lakes and breathtaking landscapes. What a drive it will be once we are back and not much people can claim to achieve this. We will have a lot to talk once we are back at Tethys and of course a party awaits your arrival at Tethys.

  • Day-15

    Post Breakfast back home, relishing a memorable able experience for you to cherish lifetime.

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